As CEO of Cobex Construction Group, Inc, I am proud to have partnered with Dennis Elliott and his team at Keller Williams Realty. Through our exclusive partnership, we are able to offer home sellers the Seller Advantage Program, which provides sellers the unique opportunity to have any work they need or want done to their homes prior to selling the home, with NO MONEY out of pocket to the seller! Instead, through the Seller Advantage Program, the seller simply pays for the cost of repairs at close of escrow.

Sadly, many sellers struggle with not having enough money for that paint job or that new roof which is needed to sell their home, while at the same time, their home has plenty of equity. As a team, we at Cobex, through our partnership with Dennis Elliott, are very proud to able to bridge this gap for home sellers, and make sellers' real estate goals a reality.

When I was a toddler, my family moved from Armenia to the U.S. in pursuit of safety and freedom from a war torn village in Armenia. My family instilled in me the belief that, in America, I would be successful if I worked hard and stayed true to myself. After high school, I decided to continue my education to honor my Grandfather’s prediction of career success. I earned my AA degree in Math and Science and purchased my first house, converting it to a rental and renovating the property. I loved the experience, but I was also compelled to complete my education, earning my Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology. I parlayed my degree into an extremely successful career as a Master level Personal Trainer. I reached the elite levels of my profession in Health and Fitness.

I remember feeling torn between my accomplished health and fitness career and the heart tug I felt from construction and Real Estate.

Fate intervened in 2017 when two friends from my church asked my opinion on a business they were thinking about. The more we talked the more we realized that our values and dreams were aligned. Before we finished that conversation, I decided I was in on this venture and they concurred.

At Cobex, I'm responsible for the Operations and Business development, while I direct and lead the sales and marketing team.

The most rewarding part of Cobex’s success is that our customers value what we are bringing to the marketplace and our devotion to personal and career development for our employees.

It is a true blessing and an honor to be able to build a successful company with two friends I respect and trust. I jump out of bed each morning eager and grateful to fulfill my Grandfathers vision for me upon arriving in America. I am proud that we have created a family focused company that provides jobs for those that share our vision of integrity and hard work. Every day, in every way, I try to be better and I’m pleased that my fellow Cobex team members do the same. “What we are building is truly special!

Experience and Specialty


  • CEO - Cobex Construction Group, Inc.
  • Director of Business Development
  • Executive Sales Director 
  • Marketing Director


  • License #1031864